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The Department of Environmental Health and Safety offers training to University of Utah employees. These are designed to give the University community the tools and knowledge needed in providing awareness and a culture of safety in the workplace. EHS does not provide any certification programs.

If you are currently not a University of Utah faculty, staff or student or would like to find organizations that may offer environmental health and safety certification programs visit Additional Resources.

For Isotope or other radioactive related training, contact the Radiological Health Department at (801) 581-6141.



Visit FAQ for more answers to common questions.

How do I register for a training class?

- Click on any of the classes listed under Quick Links

- Click a scheduled date

- Fill out the registration box with your current,

  • UNID (U0123446)
  • Email (this is our primary way of contacting you)
  • Phone number


A confirmation email with the time, date, and location of the training will be sent to the email address you included upon registering.


Listing of additional classes are also available by visiting Classes by Title or Classes By Date.

If you are a researcher or lab personnel, visit the Research Administration Training Series (RATS) website to register for training classes.


EHS training classes posted on RATS are designed to meet University, Federal, State and local Government requirements. They are not eligible for a certificate of course completion towards the RATS Certificate of Achievement program.


How do I print my training history?


If you are a researcher or lab personnel, log into RATS.


** It is your primary responsibility to maintain your employee training history. Print two (2) copies of your training history. One (1) for your own personal records and one (1) for your appropriate supervisor.




Quick links:

*Listed training are only for University of Utah faculty, staff or students.

AED Plus (online)

AED/CPR (classroom)

Biosafety Level 2

Bloodborne Pathogens (Research and Labpersonnel)

Chemical Hygiene Training (Basic)

Fire Extinguisher Training

Hazard Communication Awareness Training

Intro to EHS and Radiological Health

Intro to the IRB, the IACUC, and the IBC

Shipping Infectious Materials (Cat B) w/ Dry Ice




For any additional questions or requests, contact

Bryson Ockey

Training and Communications Coordinator
Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety
125 South Fort Douglas Blvd, Building 605
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

Direct: (801) 585-5424
Main Office: (801) 581-6590
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